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We provide a sense of privacy in a friendly atmosphere in which to explore the many possibilities available to you.

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Hair plays an important role in how we feel about our appearance, our selves. Sometimes, it can make or break how we feel. The thought of suddenly losing your hair can be traumatic. We here at the Wig Salon, Ltd. are here to answer your questions and discuss the concerns that will cross your mind.


Whether you are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss, there are numerous options available that can help you restore your image and self esteem. We are here to help you make the educated and right decision.

There are many reasons for hair loss both natural and physically induced. We provide alopecia wigs, cancer wigs, and custom wigs for men, women and children.

Our hearts go into every single one of our wigs

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Hair replacements can be an attractive, stylish solution to hair loss. Our certified and licensed staff are knowledgeable and know the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. We offer completely private rooms; you will feel comfortable and at ease at the Wig Salon, Ltd.




"I wanted to take the time to say thank you to Ginny and the Wig Salon staff for everything you have done. You all really helped me survive through high school. Without you I probably would have dropped out when I found out that I had alopecia. It was a tough point in my life. I was 14 years old in school with no hair. The Wig Salon gave me what I needed and I am not just talking about a beautiful wig.
All of you welcomed my mother and I with open arms and made us feel extremely comfortable. When we came to the Wig Salon we knew we were in the right place."

"You helped me to realize that I am beautiful no matter what. You gave me confidence and hope. As a result, I have the thickest head of hair possible. The Wig Salon staff is helpful, warm and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. This testimonial is to say thank you for not just being great but being my great friends."

Tina K., Long Island, N.Y.

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